Fundamental Introductions

This is my customary “first” blog post. So I must make it count for something.

I am a woman of few words, unless you put  paper and pen or keyboard in front of me. Then you won’t be able to shut me up. I enjoy the way I can express myself just by putting 26 letters together in a pattern that makes sense. To be able to find my voice in something as simple as that has been one of the best things in my life.

I find solace in the written word. It is where the voiceless feel like they have something to tell the world. Where the shy, soft-spoken ones can finally have a voice. It is where I find comfort when my days have been long, and the nights, even longer.

I am not a professional, or at least I don’t look at myself like that. I am simply a woman, who has stories to tell, and thoughts to bring to life. My experiences have enriched my life, even the tragedies. Everything I have ever been through, and those that have yet to happen, I am thankful for. I am sure as I progress with this blog I will let it all hang out. Lucky for you guys.

I am snarky, sarcastic and furiously protective of the ones I love. I live my life with an open heart and an open mind. There is too much strife in this world to let it take even a moment of joy away from this life that I have built. So I live in the moment, and feel lucky to experience this life for all that it’s worth.

I have no set plans for this blog. It’s just going to be a way to express myself.

It could be a bumpy ride, so hold on!

C.A. Gallinger


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