Adventures in Internetting – Part One

I have decided to do a segment on some of my adventures when it comes to the internet, and the weird, wonderful people who inhibit it.

I have had the pleasure of actually meeting people I have gotten to know over the computer. In fact, the very first meeting I had was when I was 19 years old. I took a greyhound bus to a small town in Missouri. So not only was I going by myself, on this crazy adventure, I was going to meet and stay with one of people who I regarded as a big sister. Looking back now, it was a crazy thing to do. But I had my mind set, and wanted to meet one of the people who had a hand in shaping and saving my life.

It was a risk, but I wasn’t scared at all. I had to pass through customs because I was leaving Canada and going into the USA. I remember the customs officer almost shit himself when I told him where I was going and why. I then got a lecture from him that it was dangerous to meet people off the internet, and that I should be careful. I nodded, smiled, and went on my way, untouched by his comments. This was something I HAD to do. It was the first time in my life I actually felt as though I could DO and accomplish anything.

I wasn’t really travelling alone either. When I got on my first bus, I had the luck of sitting beside this lovely older gentleman who was a truck driver, he was headed to Missouri as well! He watched over me, and made sure I was okay. You can run into all sorts of people while travelling, so it was nice to know that someone was there, just in case.

I remember when I arrived in the small town, it was in the middle of nowhere and I was beyond exhausted, but excited to have this opportunity. My dear friend was waiting there when I got off the bus. She was REAL. This person standing in front of me, one whom I had been talking to for years, was real. And the hug proved that. Not ONCE did I feel out of place or awkward. She was exactly the way she portrayed herself online. This bright, and beautiful light of a person. It was great to finally meet her.

She welcomed me in to her home and her life. Her family welcomed me like I was one of their own. It was a feeling I had yet to feel at that point in my life. I felt like I actually belonged somewhere. In fact, by the end of the trip I had serious plans on moving there. (Obviously that didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be).

I really came into my own during that trip. It is one of the many things that has shaped me as a person. I thought that the world was only full of darkness and dread, but this allowed me to see the light and love that are in the world. The amazing people that bring a spark into the universe and you know your life is better just by them being in it. I found a piece of myself, and I wasn’t going to let it go.

The internet has allowed me to have these life changing experiences. Every single person I have come across has made an impact in some way. And I look forward to meeting even more people face to face. It’s a big, bright world. And it’s good to be part of it.

Although not every experience has been a positive one, they have all been worth it. This is was my first meeting, and certainly wasn’t my last.

It’s okay to put yourself out there, and do something that you wouldn’t normally do. You never know what could happen if you don’t try and take those chances. I did it, and it turned into a game changer, and has led me down the path I am on today! One simple thing, can lead into many extraordinary things!

This is just one of the many experiences I have had over the years. More to come!

C.A. Gallinger



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