Poetry Experiment: Here Comes The Storm


Downloaded From: thewallpaper.co

A storm is elevated on the horizon,

demanding to be heard.

The turmoil is present with each rumble,

enlightened by the blinding light.

There is no denying the existence

of this powerful force.

The storm is coming,

there is no stopping its course.

Stand strong as the cold wind blows,

even when it cuts through you,

straight to the bone.

Let the rain wash away your worries,

take that edge right off.

Now is the time to be reborn,

as the sky erupts, opens up.

Bring the force inside of you,

don’t let that feeling go.

You are stronger than you think,

and wiser than you know.

Let it consume you, enfold you,

bring you back to life.

The storm is within us all,

it’s time to let it out.


Written By: C.A. Gallinger



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