Poetry Experiment: Broken Fences




There was another time, I used to feel alive.

A bright new world ahead, no worries, no strife.

Hopeful dreams, unrequited love

an unbreakable heart and a sacred bond.

Funny how quickly things can slip away,

when you are living with blinders on.

The good turns into bad, the beauty becomes ugly.

I was stripped to the very core, broken,

as the fairy tale became a nightmare.

A perfect life of picket fences,

was no longer in the cards.

All that went away when reality came to call,

waking up to nothing, cold and all alone.

Chance is not a subtle game,

it’s a risk that is meant to be taken.

Instead of mending those shatter pieces,

I will become something better, new.

Lessons learned, stronger,

there is no turning back.

Gone. Forgotten. Moving on.

Perfectly living in imperfection.


Written By: C.A. Gallinger



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