Poetry Experiment: Out of the Darkness




The tunnel is long and never-ending,

the darkness has taken hold.

I am an empty vessel sailing aimlessly,

trying to find the forgotten pieces,

of a life left unforgiving, untold.

Grasping on to empty gestures,

deluded by a naive mind,

that everything has a purpose,

and it’s all going to turn out fine.

In reality this is not the case,

there isn’t always a silver lining,

but there is a light burning.

Propelling us onward into the abyss,

guiding the dented soul.

The terrors are real and unrelenting,

but there is always a way out.

Even in the darkest hour of the darkest day,

that light will be there shining,

it will help to chase out the demons.

I may not know where I’m going,

but I know where I’ve been,

even on this sidestepped tracks,

where there is darkness,

there will always be the light.


By: C.A. Gallinger




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