2016: The Year That Was

This will mark the last official post I will make on this blog in 2016.

What a hell of a ride it has been this year. I’m still trying to process everything that has happened, and trying to put those thoughts and feelings down into words that will hopefully make some sort of sense.

It has been a year of growth. Learning to trust my inner voice and take more chances, causing me to say yes to more things that are out of my comfort zone. I vowed to do more things that challenged and scared me, it has opened up more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

Reeling from the pain and loss that came from 2015 (one of the worst years for me thus far). I was apprehensive stepping into 2016. How was I supposed to move forward and go on when a huge dynamic force in my life had been snuffed out? It was a struggle at first, but the more I accepted, the more I was able to move forward.

I can say my life is dramatically different from it was this time last year. There have been a lot of positive forces at work, and even though I can’t always see them, it has been propelling me forward, pushing me to do more and be better. I want to keep riding that wave into 2017.

This is the time in my life when I begin to reclaim the years that have been lost to sadness and the depths of despair. I am going to cultivate my experiences and share those words, thoughts and feelings with the world. I have been selected to share my poetry with a wide audience, perhaps I will touch a soul or two.

I am thankful for this year, as I am for every other year. I am alive. I am here. I am worth something. And I am going to welcome the new year with open arms as I gracefully bid 2016 farewell. It may not have been the best in some parts, but it was mine.

Embrace the imperfections and be true to yourself, that’s what I’m going to try to do.


C.A. Gallinger




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