Poetry Experiment: Scratch



Follow me into the path of the unknown,

where there are no thoughts, no emotions,

only the essence of letting it all go.

Pain is obsolete, and worries are gone,

there is only a peaceful presence,

slipping away from the chaotic downfall.

Close your eyes and give in to the hope,

that tomorrow will be a better day,

there is something greater out there,

beyond the stormy skies, far and away.

Within reason there are answers,

no questions are too big,

don’t fear what hasn’t happened,

now is the time to defy it all and live.

Throw away those idle fears,

and listen to your heart,

good things will resonate within,

if you allow the light in.

Accept the imperfections,

and embrace the darker parts.

This is where your journey begins,

don’t be afraid to start.


By: C.A. Gallinger






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