Dawn-to-Dark Musings – 2017-01-21

I am starting a new segment on my blog. Filling these with random thoughts, ideas, or whatever pops into my mind at the time.

“Dawn-to-Dark Musings”

It’s incredibly easy to lose track of time these days. There never seems to be enough moments to accomplish all that needs to be done.

More time. More hours. More Sleep. There is always need for more of most things, and yet we are not always given that luxury to choose between what we want or need and what reality decides to bring to us.

Life is not a race, no one is getting out of it alive, we are just prolonging the inevitable and tying to fill these moments with as many experiences as we can. Hoping that when the end comes, we are happy and fulfilled.

I think it’s healthy to question your mortality and be aware of the darker parts in life. We don’t know when our light will be extinguished, this is why the mantra of living in the moment is a beneficial one. Do something everyday that scares you or challenges you, and try to find a piece of happiness in the chaos of it all.

I write to help fill the void, it helps me put life and all the aspects of it in perspective. I am leaving behind a string of thoughts, feelings and the bits and pieces that line my heart and soul. I may not be heard by many, but that doesn’t matter. I’m able to create, and that’s all that matters.


You can read the newest addition to my poetry series here:

Disgruntled Reality – Blissful Sorrow Series


C.A. Gallinger



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