Dawn-to-Dark Musings: 2017-02-01

I do not do well with confrontation. It has never been a strong suit of mine, but I have become more bold over the years and will speak up when something isn’t right. Today I did just that, it and threw me through a loop.

At my son’s school, just like so many school’s, there is an issue with parking and parents dropping their kids off in areas that are restricted. One of these places is the staff parking lot. There is a gigantic sign that states that you cannot enter or park in the school parking lot unless you are working at the school. It boggles my mind how many people undermine that and do whatever they please anyway. It’s something the school has been trying to rectify for a while, but nothing seems to work.

That’s where I come in. I volunteer at the school and I’m on the School Council Board. I have been working with the principal to find a solution to the problem, because one day someone is going to get hurt by doing something ridiculous (I mean some people let their kid out in the middle of a busy street! Who does that? Morons. That’s who). So we have come up with a plan for parents that want to volunteer their time before and after school to aid them in this issue.

I was doing my due diligence today. A parent in my son’s class decided to bypass the sign and park in the staff lot. When I brought it up to her, that this was the staff lot and there were teachers coming and going she said that she knew she couldn’t park there, but she was only going to be a “minute” and then she completely went off on me. Calling me every name under the sun, telling me to mind my own business, and that I couldn’t tell her what to do. To make things clear, I didn’t TELL her to move her vehicle, I just informed her that it was a staff parking lot and that she was not supposed to be there. She yelled at me in front of her young son, if that tells you anything about her character.

This is why I don’t do confrontation. You can never gauge what the other person is going to say or do. Even if they are in the wrong, which she admitted she was, she completely lost it on me. Deflecting her own “mistake” to try to justify what she did. She DID finally move her car, and came right back to me when she parked. Stating that if it was my job to look after the parking lot then I should talk to everyone else that parked in there too. Pointing out a car not parked in a space. It was a staff vehicle, they had every right to be there. She told me I should do my job better, and be more authoritative. This is a VOLUNTEER position, I don’t get paid to put up with people’s moronic nature.

Instead of backing down and looking the other way, I will continue helping. But this time, I won’t be alone. So many people complain about these things, but never want to get involved. I am lucky enough to have some great friends in my life who will back me up, and help when needed.

So what I am saying to you now, is that if you know something is wrong and it is in your power to do something about it, DO IT. Don’t be afraid of upsetting people, that’s their problem, not yours. I was so close to turning away and never doing it again, but that would mean I let someone not worth my time get the better of me. Don’t back down. I’m not going to. Don’t let people bully you!

If  you have held on this long, sorry for the long-winded post. My mind needed to be released.

C.A. Gallinger


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