Poetry Experiment: Off Season





Come get lost with me,

go on take my hand.

We can get lost in the wilderness,

away from lives demands.

Times can be much simpler,

do away with the complexity,

disconnect to reconnect,

there’s still time to be free.

Breathe in the atmosphere,

let it all settle within,

you are important, expected,

and this is all how it’s supposed to be.

All those greater expectations,

the ones we dream so big,

are just a drop in the bucket,

in the greater scheme of things.

Release all you worries,

deconstruct all the bad,

you are in control of your destiny,

make it the best you’ve ever had.

Let the tranquility surround you,

enhance the essence of your soul,

these are the defining moments,

we must build our lives upon.

Run away with me into infinity,

it’s time to go beyond.


C.A. Gallinger



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