Poetry Experiment: Unhinged



Drowned out by the all encompassed reality,

there is no where to go but through the madness.

Disconnected, disjointed, it is all relative now,

the mundane is a nuisance of a life well lived.

unrelenting in the cosmic force that courses through our veins,

everything is questionable now, embrace the insanity.

Shifting from the well-meaning productive thoughts,

there is no escaping the beast, the undetermined outcome.

Nothing is what it appears to be, stuck in limbo,

screaming to the world to be let free.

Unknowing are the picturesque truths, lies, in-between,

join the rising population in these nightmarish times,

before you disintegrate, retaliate, ending your own life.

We are all a little bit weird, borderline insane,

embrace the chaos within, do it now, let it win.


By: C.A. Gallinger


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