Poetry Experiment: Fractured Storytime



I am your rusted princess,

there is nothing to admire,

only cracks and bruises,

slip up and down my spine.

Illusions are everything,

when the rest of the world falters,

make believe with me again,

let’s get lost in the chaos,

while our souls burn.

Random shapes and shadows,

crawl upon the wall,

deceitful and deranged,

it’s time to pull it together,

before the inevitable fall.

Be my prince charming,

and I will be your nightmare,

there is no sacred bounds,

keeping our hearts tied here.

Enter the stage of denial,

you are wound up too tight,

read to me a fairytale,

before you disappear

into the long, cold night.

Bow down and take heed,

I hope you understand,

that you won’t leave here alive.


By: C.A. Gallinger


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