Poetry Experiment: Ripped Dimensions




Cauterised wounds show the festering scars

of a life that never could be,

instead the mayhem has reconciled

with the twinge of torment

left between the empty spaces.

Corruption entwine’s through the words,

that used to inspire and rally hope,

now there are secrets buried beneath,

a beast retains every mistake,

there’s no silencing the in-between.

Disorder and rebellion interject,

bringing struggle and strife

back from the brink,

breathing new life into the chaos,

there is no escape.


By: C.A. Gallinger


Poetry Experiment: Without Reality


Photo: Gratisography


Settling with the mundane,

dreams of yesterday are gone,

tossed out with the greatest of intentions,

there are limitations in place of possibilities.

Should my feet carry forth,

or will my body lay down,

give in to the shadowed illusions,

drowning without a sound.

Normality doesn’t make the cut,

do not be fooled by the mask,

there are nightmares hidden,

beneath my tumultuous past.

Life isn’t what you make it,

that’s just another lie to satisfy the beast,

turning back is not an option,

you must sow what you reap.


By: C.A. Gallinger



Poetry Experiment: Questionable Sanity


Photo: Gratisography


Chaos is the comfort that soothes my soul,

captivating and mesmerizing,

the wild heart and soul.

A beautiful disaster unfolds,

as another world implodes.

Life is meant to be lived,

experienced in anyway it comes,

do not hide from the spirals,

embrace the one you’ve become.

Twisting through the focus,

getting lost though the in between,

here there is excitement and challenge,

this is not a world of make believe.


By: C.A. Gallinger

Poetry Experiment: The Rush



Photo: Gratisography


A rush is what she’s chasing,

something that makes her feel alive.

Balancing the perilous line,

of a daredevil escapade,

that will bring her that emotion,

of being larger than life.

Free from her dilapidated reality,

exposing the raw adventures,

ready to bring substance,

to her mundane existence.

This is what keeps her going,

when life gets in the way,

adrenaline is her drug,

and she needs another fix.


By: C.A. Gallinger


Poetry Experiment: Fractured Storytime



I am your rusted princess,

there is nothing to admire,

only cracks and bruises,

slip up and down my spine.

Illusions are everything,

when the rest of the world falters,

make believe with me again,

let’s get lost in the chaos,

while our souls burn.

Random shapes and shadows,

crawl upon the wall,

deceitful and deranged,

it’s time to pull it together,

before the inevitable fall.

Be my prince charming,

and I will be your nightmare,

there is no sacred bounds,

keeping our hearts tied here.

Enter the stage of denial,

you are wound up too tight,

read to me a fairytale,

before you disappear

into the long, cold night.

Bow down and take heed,

I hope you understand,

that you won’t leave here alive.


By: C.A. Gallinger

Poetry Experiment: Inner Youth



Reminiscent about much simpler times,

when life was new and full of promise.

There was light, laughter and hope,

surrounding my essence, my life force.

Every possibility seemed plausible,

there were no restrictions on time.

Creative endeavours were evident,

as the universe flowed freely,

through the entangled heart and soul.

Darkness hadn’t settled yet,

it was a whole different world.

Naive and full of daydreams,

child like wisdom held the door.

Open and free from misguiding,

there was a playful stance.

In this time of growing up,

it was safe and full of pure joy.

But all good things must come to an end,

as the obscurity seeps in.

In those times of fear and doubt,

I channel the child within.


By: C.A. Gallinger



Poetry Experiment: Rising Shadows




Arise with me in to the night,

there is much work to be done.

Now is the time of recharging,

the moment’s that have been lost,

reclaiming distant future thoughts,

so we have a chance to go on.

The shadows whisper gently,

of an unchanging fate, an untimely demise.

There are powers brewing,

deep inside your soul.

Push beyond the boundaries,

don’t let the demons swallow you whole.

There is always a choice, and it’s yours to uphold,

will you continue forward,

or give in to the disconnected void.


By: C.A. Gallinger