Poetry Experiment: Ripped Dimensions

    Cauterised wounds show the festering scars of a life that never could be, instead the mayhem has reconciled with the twinge of torment left between the empty spaces. Corruption entwine's through the words, that used to inspire and rally hope, now there are secrets buried beneath, a beast retains every mistake, there's no …

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Poetry Experiment: Questionable Sanity

    Chaos is the comfort that soothes my soul, captivating and mesmerizing, the wild heart and soul. A beautiful disaster unfolds, as another world implodes. Life is meant to be lived, experienced in anyway it comes, do not hide from the spirals, embrace the one you've become. Twisting through the focus, getting lost though …

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Poetry Experiment: Inner Youth

  Reminiscent about much simpler times, when life was new and full of promise. There was light, laughter and hope, surrounding my essence, my life force. Every possibility seemed plausible, there were no restrictions on time. Creative endeavours were evident, as the universe flowed freely, through the entangled heart and soul. Darkness hadn't settled yet, …

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